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Next Steps, a journey so true.

Updated: Jul 17

Next Steps, a journey so true

A path that is waiting for me and you

A chance to explore, to grow and to learn

To discover what life has in store, it's our turn

With every step, we leave behind

The worries and fears that cloud our mind

We forge ahead, with courage and grace

Embracing the journey, in this new place

Next Steps, a road that's never done

A journey that continues, under the sun

With each step, we grow and we see

The world around us, the beauty that's free

So let us take the Next Steps, with pride

With a heart that's open, and a mind that's wide

And know that wherever the journey leads

We'll find the strength and courage, to achieve

For the Next Steps, is where we'll find

The answers to questions, and peace of mind

It's where we'll grow, and where we'll thrive

And live life, with purpose and drive.

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